The Federation of Canadian Demographers organizes a special conference on the theme “Understanding the populations of the past: new developments and interdisciplinary perspectives”. The Conference will take place during the annual meetings of the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences and is a joint initiative involving the Canadian Population Society, the Association des démographes du Québec and the Canadian Historical Association. The nature of the Conference is interdisciplinary and the theme matches the overall theme of the Congress “Connected understanding / Le savoir branché



About FCD


The Federation of Canadian Demographers is an organization created through the joint initiative of the Association des démographes du Québec (ADQ) and the Canadian Population Society (CPS). The objectives of the Federation are to promote research and the scientific study of demography throughout Canada, to foster cooperation and international exchanges on questions of population and development, and to enrich the knowledge of Canadians on population questions.



Board of Directors


Danielle Gauvreau - President
Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Concordia University


Alain Gagnon - Vice-president
Department of Sociology, University of Western Ontario


Jonathan Chagnon- Treasurer
Division de la démographie, Statistique Canada


Russell Wilkins - Secretary
Division de l'information et de la recherche sur la santé, Statistique Canada


Chantal Girard - ADQ Representative
Direction de la statistique sociale, démographique et de santé, Institut de la statistique du Québec


Kevin McQuillan - CPS Representative
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Calgary