The aim of this conference is to give an overview of what we have been able to learn, through the analysis of large databases from various sources and from different countries and regions, on important issues concerning higher education :

  • What are the major trends?
  • What are the emerging issues?
  • Are we properly equipped, in terms of social statistics data and methodologies, to keep pace with these trends?
  • What has been the contribution of the most recent surveys on students, and specifically longitudinal surveys?
  • To what extent do the industrialized countries and developing nations share similar concerns?
  • Should the “performances” of the various systems be compared, and if so, how?


More specifically, researchers working on the following themes are welcome to participate in this conference :

  • Access to higher education
  • Persistence and success by students
  • Economic and social benefits of higher education
  • International student mobility


The Conference finally aims to generate debate between the many different actors and provoke an insightful reflexion on the light social statistics can shed on the issues, processes and outcomes in higher education.


For information:
Jean Poirier

December 7th to 9th, 2009

Complexe des sciences, UQAM
200 Sherbrooke Street West

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Jointly organized by:

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